In a constant search for a consistent and thorough innovation, Colégio de S. José has open an International Section implementing the CLONLARA SCHOOL educational model (grades Kinder-12).

In Coimbra, traditionally known as the “city of knowledge”, there aren’t any international schools. As Colégio de S. José is a bilingual institution and has an innovative educational model (VOAR), we looked for an international system, which shared the same vision as ours and would allow us to establish a fruitful partnership.

Clonlara is a non profit private school based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, that has great flexibility, adapting itself to the individual interests of each student, to their capacities, to their working paces in a close connection to their families. Studying will no longer be a painful chore. It will be transformed into a pleasant endeavor through which students pursue their personal interests through the development of projects, experiences, research and games.

With Clonlara School, students will have personalized individual paths based on the Education Standards from the State of Michigan and Portugal.

Organized in multi-age groups, Youngers (grades 1-5) and Middles (grades 6-9), they work individually or in small groups, under the supervision of a tutor.

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The Clonlara School philosophy is that a school must empower learners to participate purposefully and eagerly in their own education. We believe that learning begins with curiosity. Our experience in providing an open environment that fosters creativity has confirmed our belief that children learn best when their interests guide their activities.


- Years in Operation: 50
- Countries with Students Enrolled: 40
- International Offices and Affiliates: 11
- Accreditations: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, National Council for Private School Accreditation, and Accreditation International

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools,
National Council for Private School Accreditation,
Accreditation International

Youngers (Grades K–5)

This group includes 6 – 10-year-old children. The atmosphere in the classroom generates collaboration and allows multi-age students to work together. The younger ones learn with their older peers, taking on roles of leadership when ready to do so.

Middles (Grades 6–9)

The intermediate years are a period of great transition and of growing self-awareness for the younger ones, when they begin to grow aware of their peers and of the world around them. Through an association of projects, games and academic topics, we help students to feed their growing self-confidence, encouraging them to contribute with their own ideas and allowing their questions to drive their learning process.

Program Features:

• Tailored Education Plan
In Clonlara, teachers work with their students and families to design an individual curriculum for each child, having in mind their interests, capacities and the education standards.

• Full Circle Learning Model
Clonlara's FCL Model, supported by different researches, encourages students to ask questions and discover answers about topics that capture their attention, leading them to deeper understandings.

• Multiage classrooms
Small groups of 10 to 15 students will form a social learning community and be able to explore their interests through group collaboration and individualized projects at their own pace.

• Community Engagement
To craft an educational plan that balances academics with participation in social activities, Clonlara encourages fieldtrips, volunteer work and local community involvement.


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Price List Cycle
Annually price: 4 865€

From grade to grade
Annually price: 5 365€ grade and Higher School
Annually price: 5 515€

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1. One annually price;
2. By trimeter;
3. Monthly.

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