CSJ is the enrolling school for many homeschooling children and youngsters, providing support according to the families’ option.

Program features



  • Administrative support and procedures according to Dec.Lei 69/2016
  • not included

  • Any other kind of support
  • Final exams (years 4, 6 and 9) | 50 € /each

  • Enrollment tuition: 120€
    Annual fee: 280€

    OPTION 2


  • Administrative support and procedures according to Dec.Lei 69/2016.
  • CSJ tutor who contacts the families every 2 weeks, to provide study guidelines, suggest schoolwork activities and monitor students' progress.
  • Access to CSJ Moodle Platform, where you can find structured resources and online activities to support your child's work.
  • Final exams (years 4, 6 and 9).
  • Counseling provided by school Psychology and Special Education Services.
  • not included

  • School books
  • Correction of students' work
  • Regular monitoring by Psychology and Special Education Services
  • Please note:

  • CSJ tutoring support is provided from September to July
  • Families choosing option #2 are charged 11-month fees (we don't charge for the month of August)
  • Discounts if you choose to have more children enrolled at CSJ: 10% off for the 2nd child, 15% off for the 3rd, 20% off for the 4th and 25% off for the 5th
  • Parents of primary school children (grades 1 to 4) must attend up to 6 training sessions (30€/session)
  • On-site support is possible by appointment, and has an extra cost of 16€ per hour
  • Enrollment tuition: 120€
    Monthly fee: 145€

    OPTION 3

    Customized plan according to specific family needs or requests. Ask for your budget request in: secretaria@csj.edu.pt